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  2. On Mink, and Mink Hate


    Forgive me as I get a bit long winded and ranty here. Also, please be aware that the following are my thoughts, opinions, and my insight. I welcome you to think on them, however, by no means am I forcing you to agree.


    There is quite a bit of stigma revolving around Mink, and it’s truthfully not one that’s unwarranted. Mink, through his route, treads a very, very controversial line. As a Mink RPer, and a Mink fan, I see a lot of upheaval about this character, both the good and the bad.

    The latter, I try to ignore, however it can be incredibly frustrating when there are those who cannot help themselves but to tag their animosity in a tag meant for an appreciation of the character. (The way some of the fans of our dear Mink can react in a way that’s equally vitriolic, and doesn’t really do much in the way of painting him or us in a better light.) Not to mention we can’t seem to go more than maybe two or three months without the legendary “Mink vs Virus and Trip" argument resurfacing (which is one of the main points that I will be addressing). And now, with the upset and rejoicing of new translations vs the old, biased translations of his route, I feel this is a great time to present my case, as it’s been long over due.

    Now, I’m not trying to convince anyone to like Mink. You’re free to dislike him as much as I am free to like him. And I do. The fact that I roleplay and cosplay him should be enough testament to that. And I completely understand why people do not like him. He does some pretty deplorable things. However, I would like to ask that even those who do not like him, at least appreciate his character, and it’s complexity. Personally, I think to write off a character in general for the sole fact you’re not a fan of them, and renouncing appreciation for the work that went into them is a disservice to the creative minds and thought that went into making them. You don’t have to like Mink. I don’t expect you to. 

    I am neither trying to excuse his actions. As a matter of fact, there is something that I have noticed that people tend to gloss over, or forget entirely; the character himself does not excuse his actions. There are hints to it all over his route in the first game, and something he even admits in Re:Connect. (Even with the biased translation, this comes across pretty clearly.) Mink knows what he is doing is wrong, and he does not enjoy any minute of it, examples of which I will go into below.

    As I’ve already gotten a bit lengthy, the rest of my discussion will be below the cut. Still with me? Awesome!

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Read more about my thoughts and questions on this condition here. 


    Read more about my thoughts and questions on this condition here

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    Clear is not my fav by a long shot, but I really do appreciate how beautiful this song is <3

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  9. ↖ Feels bad because they are a shitty roleplayer while their partners are the raddest people ever.

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    when people get angry at you for liking snakes



    "I am my own blankie."

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